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  • Aroma Express Menu

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  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla (below price is per scoop)

    BD 0.300

  • Shish Tawook Sandwich

    Shish Tawook Sandwich

    Char-grilled shish tawook sandwich served with french fries.

    BD 1.350

  • Warak Enab

    Warak Enab

    Arabic bread stuffed with quality meat, spiced AX style!

    BD 1.200

  • Oven Baked Selection

    Oven Baked Selection

    A selection of our finest baked breads with various fillings.

  • Arayes Chicken

    Arayes Chicken

    Arabic bread stuffed with chicken, fries & our special AX tomato sauce.

    BD 2.400

  • Whole Grilled Chicken

    Whole Grilled Chicken

    Whole grilled chicken (bone-in) served with grilled tomatoes, onion & chili.

    BD 2.900

  • Arayes Lahm

    Arayes Lahm

    Arabic bread stuffed with quality meat, spiced AX style!

    BD 1.350

  • Beef Shawarma

    Beef Shawarma

    comes in regular or JUMBO size, Top seller!

    BD 1.100 Jumbo - BD 0.500 Regular

  • Shish Tawook with Saffron Rice

    Shish Tawook with Saffron Rice

    -- -- --

  • Chelow Kebab

    Chelow Kebab

    -- -- --

  • Lamb Kebab

    Lamb Kebab

    Grilled kebab served with bread, grilled tomato, onions & chili.

    BD 2.500

  • Lahm Mashwi

    Lahm Mashwi

    Grilled tikka cubes, served with grilled tomato, onion & chili.

    BD 2.500

  • Mixed Grills

    Mixed Grills

    -- -- --

    BD 3.600

  • AX Special Pizza

    AX Special Pizza

    Wooden oven baked pizza, with chicken, broccoli, capsicum & onion.

    BD 3.600

  • Halloumi Salad

    Halloumi Salad

    Fresh green salad with slices of grilled halloumi.

    BD 2.200